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Possible buyer for HP's WebOS and PSG

Mobile Gaming’s “David and Goliath”

August 31, 2011

One small company based on a tiny Caribbean island believe they can take on industry gaming giants such as Electronic Arts, Zynga and PopCap.

It’s not often that you hear about a real modern day “David and Goliath”, but a tiny games development studio based in the Dominican Republic is aiming for a head-on collision with the Goliaths of the gaming world.

Jatzan, self-professed Japanese Ninja Coders, say they have a unique aspect that will allow them to compete successfully with behemoths such as EA.
Strog Bornstein, CEO and Sensei at Jatzan was happy to tell us more.
“Jatzan are poised to pretty much take over the gaming world as we know it,” elaborated Strog.
“While companies such as EA, PopCap and Zynga are bringing our tired old releases that no-one is interested in, Jatzan has lined up an arsenal of fresh games that players are literally turning cartwheels for.”
“With Monty and the Mugwumps, you get to play a strange little yellow spikey thing and rescue little kids while defeating awesomely horrible Mugwumps.  Games just do not get more fun than this!”

Bornstein seems to be correct in his valuation. Monty and the Mugwumps is a subtle mix of action, adventure and strategy. Whilst arguably better than Call of Duty, Angry Birds and Desperate Housewives, the conjoining of Obama-like humor, Kardashian decorum and Bieber maturity have created a game that appeals to all humanoid type entities.

Initially, Jatzan games will be available on the iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, although Bornstein says he is in talks with HP to purchase their now defunct WebOS division.
“Yes, we have contacted them about this as we at Jatzan feel that WebOS is a viable gaming platform. We could also be interested in taking on their PSG division (Personal Systems Group - PC’s) that they have publically indicated they want to dispose of,” said Bornstein. “ It’s early days yet, but we hoping to get a reply to our email any day soon. We envision a whole line of “Mugwump” branded Touchpads and PC’s.

Bornstein has certainly set his sights high. If Jatzan are successful with their takeover bid of HP’s PSG and WebOS divisions, not only will they have EA, PopCap and Zynga in their sights, Apple, Microsoft, Google and PC brands such as Dell and Acer could also get a taste of David’s sling.

We asked Bornstein about the other games in Jatzan’s portfolio, but he was quite understandably unwilling to give out too much information before the release dates.
“Let’s just say that in a few weeks, carbon-based lifeforms on this and other inhabitable celestial bodies will be embarrassed to admit they ever played Farmville or Angry Birds.”

It’s not often we interview someone we feel is able to cut through the BS and give an honest, down-to-earth summary of what his company is doing, but Strog Bornstein seems to be exactly that.

While EA and others may not be quaking in their boots, it may be worth remembering that the huge Goliath of olden times probably didn’t take a young upstart like David too seriously. But to his detriment, he saw the writing on the wall (or rather his head) too late.

EA, PopCap and Zynga. Best of luck and RIP.

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