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Saturday, Oct 8, 2011 - WordBlitz Addictive?

According to the statistics, we have two players that have played WordBlitz more than 900 times!

One player has played WordBlitz for 67.9 hours, while quite a few have played it more than 24 hours (not all at once).

Several players have racked up more than 200,000 words.

And this is a game that has only been out for 3 weeks. Even more incredible, the game wasn't recording high scores until an update 2 weeks ago, so these figures are just over the last two weeks!

Monday, Oct 3, 2011 - Beckhams are word-wise - are you?

With all the fuss about which of the Beckhams was behind the 991 hi-score - here, don't forget the thousands of other players who are competing to be the WordBlitz King (or Queen). Several players have played the game more than 700 times in the last week alone. That's around 100 times per day, and assuming each game is a minimum of 3 minutes long, a cool 5 hours of play per day.

One player has knocked up an amazing 241,000 words in just 324 games. Yep, he (or she) is doing well in the leaderboards, but we are not naming names.

And if you want to join in the fun? The game is free to download at the moment. You just need an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device. Get your free copy from here.

Wednesday, Sept 13, 2011 - WordBlitz released on iPhone and iPad

At last, Apple have given the go ahead for Jatzan WordBlitz!! The best word game of the year is now available! We have a string of updates planned, so download it now and then compete with your friends.

Friday, Sept 2, 2011 - WordBlitz released

Because we are Japanese Ninja Coders, we managed to do WordBlitz in less than a week. Live today on the Android Marketplace and waiting on Apple to give it the go-ahead for the iPhone AppStore. With this game we have plans to develop it with further levels and play options, but we wanted to get it into the hands of real people as soon as possible for feedback. It's incredibly difficult, even for people who can't spell right, like us. Just type in any word and see if it's accepted!

Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011 - Monty and the Mugwumps released

Free version of Monty and the Mugwumps was released to an unsuspecting world yesterday and is flying off the shelves! We've had to order our South East Asian sweatshop to work round the clock.

The paid version is also now out at just 99 cents. This version has all the fun levels. The free version is more just to aquaint you with the style of play and practice levels.

Monday, Aug 29, 2011 - Ninja Turtles?

Some people have asked if we are related to the Ninja Turtles. Well no, that would be stupid. We are Coders, not Turtles. Anyway, the Ninja Turtles are softies. We could eat them for breakfast. In fact we’d be more than happy to. Ninja turtle soup is pretty tasty, especially when served in the turtle shells. Ninja coder soup on the other hand, is not tasty at all.

Monday, Aug 1, 2011 - Batman Jatzan Begins

We're a new games development company comprised of Japanese Ninja Coders, based in Cabarete in the Dominican Republic. Today we set coding on our first game, codenamed Monty and the Mugwumps. Because we are Japanese Ninja Coders, we are very fast at coding. Also, we do not allow any bugs in our games. If one is found, then the coder responsible must pay the ultimate price. He/she must watch Nickelodeon without pause for 15 hours straight.


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