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Monty and the Mugwumps iPhone Android game by Jatzan

Monty and the Mugwumps

A Montastic arcade-puzzle type game. Brains, speed and fingers are required.

Fun-packed levels, suitable for kids, adults and Mugwumps. The game is family friendly, but the Mugwumps are not.

Help Monty rescue his family before the Mugwumps eat, or otherwise inconvenience them.

Arcade action with planning and strategy as well as split-second timing.


The Story Begins...(FREE)

The first 30 levels are free. Learn the basic techniques, rescue some Little Montys and avoid the Mugwumps, laser beams, flame-throwers, baby Mugwumps and more. Then when you have mastered these 30 levels, move on to the next version!

Download this free version now and learn the basics. Then when you feel confident enough, download the full version which will challenge you to your limits!


Monty and the Mugwumps


Appstore Jatzan Android



The Mugwumpian Chambers...

50 brand new levels that will test your abilities. The 30 training levels from "The Story Begins" are also included meaning a total of 80 levels of Muwump horror!

Some of these levels are hard! We will be running competitions for the fastest times to cmplete each level. Download now and receive free updates for life!


Monty and the Mugwumps II


Appstore Jatzan Android



What are these games all about?


Monty woke up this morning to receive the shock of his life!

All his Little Montys, his pride and joy, were missing.

Now he knew that Little Montys would not normally, and could not stray too far as their baby brains were not yet properly developed.

There was only one explanation. The Mugwumps had kidnapped them! Every single one of them!

So begins the start of Monty's adventure, as he enters the Mugwumps' lair in order to rescue all his Little Montys.

It's a sad story as the Mugwumps are not nice. They took the Little Montys, against their tiny wills, and placed them each in a gilded cage. They have no way of escaping as the cages are locked and Little Montys have not yet developed the skill of picking locks. Of course, Monty is scared of what the Mugwumps might do to his Little Montys. He can hire a special hyperspace transporter which will take him straight to the vicinity of where each Little Monty is caged. But of course, there are bound to be Mugwumps around patrolling the area to stop any unwanted visitors. Montys first priority is to rescue each Little Monty from the cage. As soon as he is free, he must take him to the transporter and get the hell out of the Mugwump's lair. Unfortunately, the transporter needs plutonium peroxide in order to hyperjump from the Mugwump's lair, and since the peroxide shortage of 2011, plutonium peroxide is very expensive. Nothing is free nowadays, so Monty must also collect coins in order to pay for the transporter. When enough coins are collected, the transporter will be immediately summoned and Monty can escort Little Monty to the transporter, and to freedom!

Mugwumps are not particularly clever creatures. They have even been know to leave keys to locked doors, just lying around the place so that an intruder can pick them up.

They get a kick out of popping pills which give them special powers. These pills could be of use to Monty if he uses them wisely. In particular, the the 'power boost' pill enables the taker to travel much faster than normal for a brief moment. The 'jump boost' pill give you a much longer jump - very handy when you need to jump more than one laser beam. Ah yes, you should probably be told about the laser beams. As Mugwumps are fairly lazy, they often set up a perimeter of laser beams to guard an area. If Monty touches a laser beam, he will be vaporized. Not nice at all. If he is careful, he can jump over the beams. Just tap Monty sharply while he is moving to remind him to jump. If a Little Monty is following, you will need to give him a sharp tap as well, as he is unlikely to follow Montys lead.

Or course, in the Mugwumps' chambers, the air quality is not particularly great. In fact, it really is pretty bad! Mugwunps never brush their teeth, and have an appalling diet. Due to the stench, Monty can only stay in each chamber for a short amount of time which will vary depending on the chamber. Thankfully, Monty has with him an Air-o-Meterâ„¢ which tells you how much time he has left before he expires due to the lack of quality air. It's up to you to get Monty out of there before the Air-o-Meterâ„¢ drops to zero. Baby Montys are fine in whiffy air. In fact they are not imune to adding to the whiff themselves.

Well, that should be enough information for now. You will no doubt learn more about the Mugwumps as you progress in your quest to help Monty rescue his Little Montys.

Be careful! It's wumpmuggy out there!



To control Monty - just use a 'drag and drop' movement. Use your finger to drag Monty in a straight line to where you want him to go. Release your finger when you want him to go for it. Precision timing is very important on some levels. Make Monty jump by tapping directly on him while he is moving. So to jump over a laser beam, drag him to well past the laser beams, then while he is on his way, and just before he hits them, give him a sharp tap, and he will jump over them.

If Little Monty is following him, you will need to tap him as well, because he is not so smart.

Well, that should be enough information for now. You will no doubt learn more about the Mugwumps as you progress in your quest to help Monty rescue his Little Montys.

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