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The people behind Jatzan

Just a few of the important people behind Jatzan. We can't include photos of them all because there are just too many, and some of them don't want to be public figures. Some of them wouldn't look great in a photo either.

These are the stars that put the magic in Jatzan, the Sensei of the gaming world, the giants of industry, the masters of the universe, the.... oh shit, I'm boring myself now...

The Jatzan Sensei


Strog Bornstein - CEO

Brings a wealth of experience from other business entities. A former MIT graduate, has had an illustrious career spanning several decades at ground-breaking start-ups and industry stalwarts where he definately left his mark.


Charlie Flotenbuergen - CFO

Known to her peers and her pet rooster as iCarly, Ms Flotenbuergen is responsible for steering the company financially. Not afraid to cut costs, slash budgets, destroy divisions, annihilate competitors or assimilate partners.


Chum Warnley - Development Director

Knows every computer language that has ever been invented, including Latin. Went to University and holds a degree in ironing. Invented the radio in 1985. Spent his childhood on a small island near Europe, which explains his funny accent.



Emilio Cryer - Personal Development

Emilio is mentor and Sensei to our younger code monkeys. He brings a strong sense of responsibility and much needed guidance to this young but massively growing company.



Chuck Bookchop - Coffee mug

To be honest, we've not really been able to find a suitable position for Chuck. We employed him as part of our humanitarian work after we heard his sad story. He says he once ran a startup that took over the internet, but then he blew all his wealth on a bunch of useless patents. While we like all his grandiose ideas, we haven't yet found anything that he is actually good at. To be fair, at least we have someone we can send out to Starbucks a couple of times a day.


Brent Botchpad - New Technology

Brent was brought in to investigate and foster new ideas within the company. With his special voodoo, he has been able to palm off some stonking new projects, and bring down some of our competitors while working from the inside. Kudos to Brent!


Liz (Slutchucks) Mahoney

Ex-wannabe model and industrial cleaning additive, Liz brings a couple of useful assets to the table. She also brings a sense of reality to the team and delights us all with her lovely singing talents.



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